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Lobe Piercing Nakedsteel Kassel


- we pierce lobes with needles and not with a piercing gun

- 3. earlobe piercing most likely to be in the cartilage, if you would like to avoid cartilage, an anatomy check is necessary.
- rings only after the piercing has healed completely.
- first insertion: labret with the attachment of your choice
- needs a shorter labret after the swelling phase
- can be pierced directly in "large" (depending on the anatomy up to 6mm) if desired, but the
n does not contract completely again
- transverse lobes go from side to side (right to left, in contrast to the standard earlobe piercing which goes from front to back) through the earlobe, here an anatomy check is useful

Healing time: 4 months

Aftercare instructions

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