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safe piercing with high hygiene standards


For us, hygiene is not a necessary evil, but the condition in general to work on the human body .
This means in detail for a safe piercing:


In order to offer our customers the best hygienic standard, we regularly take part in piercing training courses; This means that our piercing specialist knowledge is always up to date. We set the highest standards in terms of piercing safety, quality and hygiene so that our customers can enjoy their piercing for a long time.


Our permanent piercers ( Tanja & Enrico ) are both members of the German Piercer Association ( Verband Professional Piercer ) and the world's largest American Piercer Association ( Association of Professional Piercers ). The guidelines of the respective  piercing associations can be viewed on the homepages.
Every piercer has a certification for the preparation of medical products and as a hygiene officer in the piercing studio .


Our premises comply with hygiene guidelines .


Piercing rooms and sterilization rooms are equipped with HEPA filters , which filter pathogens from the air .


We have our own hand wash basin for piercing staff , which works with knee operation.


We always pierce with a face mask .


We basically pierce with sterile gloves .


All piercing tools are sterilized by ourselves.


Our sterilizers are microbiologically evaluated by an independent laboratory using spore tests more frequently than required by law. It is prescribed every six months for piercing studios, we check monthly.


We use sterile piercing jewellery in every piercing procedure without exception.

For the first use, we only work with certified materials . The certifications are approved by the APP.


We change the gloves after each work step or after changing a hygiene zone.


All tools and materials for your piercing are prepared on a sterile pad .


We don't mark our piercings with a hygienically impeccable pen, but with a hygienically packaged toothpick and Gentiana violet.


If necessary, we use sterile wound dressings .


We pierce in a separate piercing room and sterilize in a separate sterilization room .

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