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professional piercing-studio & high quality bodyjewellery

piercing jewellery consultation

The nakedsteel exists since 2004 and an established piercing studio in Berlin. Now our piercing studios has also found its way to the heart city of Kassel.

The piercing studio includes a large friendly reception area in which we present our piercing jewellery. We have one piercing and one sterilization room in which we lay the foundation for our hygienic working methods under the highest demands. We do everything for a safe piercing service. We only pierce with sterile gloves, face mask and only use materials that are biocompatible and implantable.

Communication is very important to us, which is why we discuss the options for your piercing with you and see together how we can implement your piercing wishes. Our comprehensive work includes detailed information about piercing aftercare and discussing possible risks. You can also meet us in the studio at any time during opening hours for piercing problem discussions or piercing advice; you will find us with a sympathetic ear.

Because the environment is very important to us, we always strive to avoid waste and make our processes more ecologically valuable. We use green electricity, separate our waste, replace plastic with paper wherever possible and largely do without packaging during sterilization processes.

We publicly oppose discrimination of any kind.


Everyone is welcome!

piercing consultation
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