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piercing jewellery

we present you our jewellery for the first use
as we can't show all options, feel free to have a look at what's possible: inspiration

threadless labret piercing


for ear (except Daith, Rook, Industrial)
lip, nostril
(in 1.2mm + 1.6mm)
can be anodized
also with real gold attachments

basic is threaded

circular barbell piercing

Circular Barbell

for Septum, Daith

in 1,6mm (thinner possible after healing)


(in 2mm)
can be anodized

different attachments possible

curved barbell_mix.png

Curved Barbell

for Navel + vertical Clit Hood +
possibly Christina

(in 1.6mm)

for Rook, Eyebrow, Anti-Tragus, Snug

(minimum in 1.2mm)
can be anodized

different attachments possible

cartilage always threadless

stretching tube piercing

Stretching Tube

(also known as plug)
for big Earlobe Piercings and big Cartilage Punchs

(from 2mm)

Glas and Titanium
titanium can be

BCR piercing

Ball Closure Ring / Captive Bead Ring

for Daith, Septum, horizontale Clit Hood

(in 1.6mm)

for Lip Phrenulum

(in 1.2mm)

can be anodized

different clip-ins possible

BCR big gauge

BCR big gauge

for inner and outer labia

(in 2-2.4mm)

for Hadadas 

(in 2.4mm)

for PA

(in 3.2mm)
can be anodized

threadless barbell piercing

Straight Barbell

for Nipple + Industrial

in 1,6mm and 2mm (depending on anatomy)

Ampallang + Apadravya

in 2,4mm (always threaded)
can be anodized

different attachments possible

basic jewellery is threaded

surface, dermal, l-bar

Dermal Anchor, Surface Bar, L-Bar

for Dermal Anchor (base with a foot, top one attachment)

for Surface Piercing (stud with two attachment and 90 degree angles)

L-Bar (depending on anatomy with Christina)

(in 1.6mm)

can be anodized

different attachments possible

circular barbell big gauge piercing

Circular Barbell big gauge

for Triangle + big septum

(second depending on anatomy and only with enrico)

(in 2mm)

can be anodized

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