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nakedsteel nipple piercing anatomy

- round anatomy: the nipple protrudes slightly even when relaxed, when erect it comes out further: here we speak of a "pronounced nipple", no anatomy check is necessary (all angles are possible)



- partially inverted: the nipple "tilts" into the nipple in one area, an alternative angle (diagonal or vertical) may be necessary here and horizontal does not work

- oval/asymmetrical: it is likely that an alternative angle is necessary to pierce safely



- inverted: inversions can vary in severity, often direct piercing is not possible, in this case we should see you for a consultation beforehand

nipple anatomy nakedsteel

- rectangular / square: a horizontal and vertical angle would be possible on this drawing, if the nipple is rotated, we can only pierce diagonally (the piercing sits at a 90 degree angle to the sides)

- flat nipple: if the nipple does not "come out" at all when relaxed and only minimally when erect, the chance of it growing out is very high and we reject the piercing


- inverted nipple: a piercing may be possible, but it is important that the piece of jewellery is not placed under the "indentation", so this determines the angle. if you are inflexible with the angle, we will discuss everything in your consultation appointment.

nipple-piercing: possible angles

nakedsteel nippelpiercing




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