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cat (they/them)
bodypiercer since 2018

cat - professional bodypiercer nakedsteel Kassel

Hey, I'm Cat!

I started piercing in 2017 after attending the international BMXnet conference and training for the first time, which I have enjoyed attending every year since then. I learned four years from Andrea Venhaus in the Deep Metal Piercing Studio in Dortmund. But people never stop learning, so in February 2022 I became part of the nakedsteel team in Kassel.
Since then I have completed the training for instrument preparation and hygiene management in the piercing studio and also attended the largest piercing conference (APP) in Las Vegas for the first time together with our team.

Body jewelry and body modifications have long fascinated me. I did my first piercing myself before I was 13 years old. Both my parents were more or less pierced; because of this and also because of my love for the black scene, it was inevitable that I dealt with the topic of body modification and piercing as a young person.

I am happy to take the time to respond to your individual piercing needs and advise you on your anatomical requirements and jewelry preferences.
See you soon in Kassel or sometimes also in Berlin!

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