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enrico (he/his)

bodypiercer since 2005

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piercer enrico, nakedsteel

Hi! My name is Enrico, I am part of the nakedsteel since 2010. 15 years as a bodypiercer full of participation in further education such as the BMXnet in Germany, the UK APP in England and the co-founding of the Professional Piercer Association (VPP) and visits to the open meetings of the VPPs gave me the opportunity to constantly develop myself and build an international network. My hygiene training also includes the reprocessing of medical devices and the hygiene officer in the piercing studio.

My fascination with piercing has not disappeared after all these years. The daily engagement with different characters and differentiating anatomies makes this appeal so special for me.

So do not hesitate to come to me with your wishes regarding your body changes and as well your jewelry wishes!

See you soon


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